MyPathway2Golf is a world class app designed to help PGA Pros / coaches and golf clubs increase junior participation at their venues, by providing an exciting, fun and comprehensive package of resources.
 45 minute webinar presentations are available for Golf Professionals, coaches, managers, junior convenors, captains etc. Please contact Alan Tait for more details, or to book your webinar appointment

All geared towards inspiring and introducing 4 – 14yr olds to golf. MyPathway2Golf is designed to help clubs recruit and retain children at their venues.

  • Recruitment - Making golf an exciting propostion for kids
  • Fun - Games and practice session with over 50 videos
  • Progression - Skills challenges to develop and reward kids for their effort and development
  • Retention - Our 6 Levels of achievment from bronze to platinum inspires growth mindset
  • Interaction - Digital portal to encourage communications between Coach, Kids and Families
  • Lifeskills and Mindset - Develope your junior section members attitude, respect and integrity through our Pyramid of Progression assesment levels
  • Knowledge of Golf - Help your junior section members learn more about the game with fun quiz games

So what are the main ingredients and benefits that make MyPathway2Golf so revolutionary?

High quality instructional videos, both pre-installed and include the ability to upload your own.

Skills challenges to monitor your students' progress

MP2G Testimonials

“I have almost 200 kids enrolled in MyPathway2Golf. The programme allows me to have a structure, plus the kids and the parents can also see the child’s progress as they develop through all the different levels. The engagement and communication between the parents, the coach and the children is absolutely key to the success of the app”
Keir McNicoll
Head Pro at Carnoustie

“In 21 years of coaching I have never seen as good a junior programme such as this. The Mypathway2Golf is world class and there’s simply nothing out there like it. It also gives me and my assistants a structure and a platform to work from which is invaluable. It’s already brought a whole new wave of kids to the club ranging from 4 to 14 years of age. I’m convinced this will ultimately lead to increased junior memberships and parents wanting to join the club as well”
James Erskine
Head Pro at Dumfries & County
For more details on MYPATHWAY2GOLF, please contact Alan Tait